digital marketing & analytics.

Comprehensive Course

Develop your skills and activate digital marketing initiatives (outbound, inbound, social) successfully.

From outbound to inbound marketing and challenges related to social media, the marketer faces major shifts in a connected and data-rich world, in which boundaries between online and offline channels tend to disappear. With a focus on data, you will develop skills to activate digital marketing initiatives successfully. Furthermore, you will adopt an analytical perspective and compute digital marketing metrics and effectiveness and show impact on your business’ bottom line.

who is this course for?

  • Marketers who want to better understand their firm’s digital marketing efforts.
  • Digital marketers who need to develop key leading indicators for their efforts’ effectiveness and profitability.
  • Students who wish to complete their study program’s curriculum with a comprehensive digital marketing course.
  • Working professionals in other functions who want to get a clear idea of their colleagues’ digital marketing initiatives.

… and anyone who wants to tap into the power of digital marketing efforts to drive their firm’s business.

virtually every action we take today generates usable data.

and each digital interaction creates a data point.

As you will learn:

outbound + inbound + social 

Make your firm’s digital marketing efforts work for you by systematically tracking digital analytics and performance.

what you will learn in this course.

blending theory and practice to become a digital marketing analyst.


  • Master the metrics to measure digital marketing effectiveness.
  • Tap int0 digital analytics to link digital marketing to your business’ financial performance.
  • Explain the concepts and strategies of outbound (paid), inbound (owned) and social media (earned) marketing.
  • Apply the concepts through several real-life examples and hands-on exercises..


what you’ll get.

Pace your learning experience through

video lessons.

Review course contents through downloadable


Practice your new skills step-by-step through 


Monitor your progression through individual


Enjoy your learning experience and unlock


Share your achievements and obtain course a


Your facilitator

andreas munzel.

A marketing professor and management trainer, Andreas has observed the issues that arise from the utilization gap in marketing and data analytics. The digital marketing landscape provides many ways to interact with customers – as his research on online word-of-mouth and social media interactions shows. Unfortunately, marketers often lack in skills to quantify digital marketing efforts’ contributions to the bottom line.

Real work is done on form and content which makes you want to learn and listen. It was the best online course of the semester!

Marketing Student

Toulouse 1 University

I loved your course!
[…] I found your platform well made overall, and your lessons interesting.
[O]verall a great course, thank you!

Marketing Student

Toulouse 1 University

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