data visualization & storytelling.

Comprehensive Course

Learn how to communicate with data effectively.

The ability to understand data and extract value from it presents a key capability in today’s data-rich world. Through lessons accompanied by examples and practical exercises, you will learn the foundations and principles of data visualization and embrace the power of data-enabled storytelling as a result of a detailed data visualization process. You will develop skills to create trustworthy, accessible, elegant, and, thus, effective data visualizations.

who is this course for?

  • Data analysts who want to communicate their data insights effectively.
  • Marketers who want to craft convincing data stories to initiate decisions and actions.
  • Managers who want to embrace data visualization and storytelling to persuade colleagues and collaborators.
  • Students who want to add a solid understanding of data visualization and storytelling principles to their curriculum.

… and anyone who wants to tap into the power of visual data storytelling to convince and initiate change in their organization.

no one ever made a decision because of a number.

they need a story.

Daniel Kahnemann

Psychologist, behavioral economist, and author.

As you will learn:

data + visual + narrative = change

Become a change agent in your organization.

what you will learn in this course.

blending theory and practice to become a visual storyteller.


  • Embrace the power of data visualization and data-enabled storytelling in call-to-actions for audiences.
  • Understand that communicating effectively to drive change and value involves the skillful combination of three key elements: data, narrative, and visuals.
  • Create trustworthy, accessible, elegant, and effective data visualizations.
  • Master the narrative structure of data storytelling and plan and design a data story.

the bottom line.

In school, we learn a lot about language and math. On the language side, we learn how to put words together into sentences and into stories. With math, we learn to make sense of numbers. But it’s rare that these two sides are paired: no one teaches us how to tell stories with numbers.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Author of “Storytelling with data”.


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Your facilitator

andreas munzel.

A marketing professor and management trainer, Andreas has observed the issues that arise from the utilization gap in marketing and data analytics. As his research shows, data visualization and storytelling play a vital role in overcoming this gap. For this reason, he teaches data viz modules in various institutions.

Honestly, it was the BEST course I ever had this year, full of rich insights and well explained. It was such an amazing experience. Thanks.

Data Analytics Student

University of Montpellier

It was such a great pleasure to learn data viz concepts. Thank you for your hard work. Now, I am really interested in a BI analyst Job.

Data Analytics Student

University of Montpellier

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