customer centricity & analytics.

Comprehensive Course

Develop your firm’s relationships and drive customer and business value.

The firm’s ability to successfully manage its relationships with customers presents an essential source of competitive advantage – especially in a connected world. In this course, we will focus on customer centricity and discuss how a customer-centric view influences all stages of customer relationships. You will also master and compute several customer-based metrics and embrace their added value to the firm’s financial indicators.

who is this course for?

  • Managers who need to understand how they can effectively manage customer relationships to drive customer and business value.
  • Anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of customer centricity and customer analytics.
  • Students who want to add customer centricity and analytics capabilities to their curricula.

customer centricity in a nutshell:

not all customers are created equal.

As you will learn:

acquire + retain + develop customers

Maximize customers’ long-term financial value to the firm.

what you will learn in this course.

blending theory and practice to become a visual storyteller.


  • Embrace the power of data visualization and data-enabled storytelling in call-to-actions for audiences.
  • Understand that communicating effectively to drive change and value involves the skillful combination of three key elements: data, narrative, and visuals.
  • Create trustworthy, accessible, elegant, and effective data visualizations.
  • Master the narrative structure of data storytelling and plan and design a data story.

the bottom line.

Key to the customer centric view is the idea that not all customers are created equal, which means that they don’t all deserve an equal share of your organization’s valuable time and resources. Commit to identify those customers who matter most and dedicate disproportionate amounts of resources not only to understand what those customers want but to deliver what they want—and by extension, create a stable, lucrative, and ever-more profitable future.

Peter Fader

Marketing Professor and author of “Customer Centricity”.


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Your facilitator

andreas munzel.

A marketing professor and management trainer, Andreas has observed the issues that arise from the utilization gap in marketing and data analytics. He strongly believes that the systematic identification of the most profitable or valuable customers is becoming increasingly important for the company. Only by determining the value contributions of a customer can customer value be further increased and thus the customer relationship can be successfully developed for both sides.

I had the chance to learn new KPIs. The course was very useful, full of rich insights, and well explained. Thank you very much.

Management Student

University of Montpellier

A very qualitative and interesting course. I find this more mathematical approach to customer relations and marketing really relevant.

Data Analytics Student

University of Montpellier

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